Alternative Payment Methods have become the cornerstone of global payments, with BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) emerging as a standout choice. This global phenomenon has experienced meteoric growth since its inception, thanks to remarkable performance in mature markets.  

During the 10th Retail Leaders Circle MENA Summit, Tamara, the leading fintech platform to shop, pay and bank in Saudi Arabia and the wider GCC region, released the Whitepaper, “BNPL in the GCC: A Stellar Ascent with Promising Prospects” created in collaboration with Retail Leaders Circle.  

The Whitepaper explores BNPL’s formidable presence in the retail space of the GCC, backed with phenomenal customer and business adoption. The triumph of BNPL is accentuated in the GCC, propelled by faster e-commerce growth versus global averages and promising market penetration prospects.  

Download the Whitepaper and discover the underlying forces propelling the success of BNPL in the region, showcasing a promising outlook. 

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