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We provide the world’s retailers, brand owners, and suppliers with the intellectual and social capital they need to succeed.

3 Pillars of RLC

Our activities build on three key elements:

Driving positive change

Our belief is that deep and inquisitive dialogues give birth to decisions that make a real difference. We gather influential leaders and innovators - who have the will and the influence to make positive change - in an environment and process that is purposefully designed to trigger bold discussions and address the long-term forces shaping a brighter future for our industry.

Cross-industry and
multi-stakeholder engagement

By carefully selecting and convening high-level leaders from all parts of the retail value chain together with key stakeholders such as industry partners, community-groups, policymakers and academia, we create new opportunities for collaboration to tackle the most important issues the industry is facing.

Global platform with local focus

We not only strive to increase our geographic diversity and reach by including all relevant stakeholders, but we are also committed to drive purpose-driven initiatives and community specific agendas that address the long-term forces shaping the industry.


Retail Leaders Circle is one of the world’s leading strategic forums for global retail. We conceive our forums as a type of “marketplace of ideas” where retail’s business leaders, innovators and thinkers address the industry’s most pressing issues. RLC regularly convenes high-profile forums, executive events and learning opportunities – in key retail hubs in the US, the Middle East and Asia – by offering a unique and open format where leaders collaborate to best leverage their unprecedented combination of influence and expertise.

Our Mission

Retail Leaders Circle aims to inspire leaders to think collectively and creatively about the disruptive intersection between industry and innovation, with the goal of accelerating the industry’s sustainable and inclusive growth at a global level.

Our Approach

RLC creates the conditions and provides an innovative framework where thought leaders and visionaries inspiring all participating parties to introduce bold new ways shaping the future retail agenda.
Our forums do not only include urgent industry challenges in our programs, but also draw attention to issues that might not yet be on the top of the retail community’s agenda.

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