How would you feel if you could be in the United States, browse a shop in France, enter a U.K. dressing room and pay at a counter in Japan? All these are possible in the metaverse. The question is how safely can you do this? 

When crossing multiple countries, both the retailers and the customers have to consider the laws that apply. It may only be a virtual visit, but there are rules and regulations. This means that the data transferred has to be done under specific GDPR guidelines and privacy policies. Retailers need to have written consent from the customers and customers need to be aware of the privacy policies applied.

Data governance and cybersecurity are as important for retailers. With new technology comes new information and new threats. In the metaverse you can collect more information such as body movements, the smallest glances, changes in vocal tone, heart rate, proximity to other avatars, thus you need to be aware of how to stop attacks or interferences.

Adapting is the key to survival in the metaverse.

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