About i-Zone@RLCMENA

Retailers are forever seeking the next innovation that is going to disrupt the industry so they can gain that competitive advantage.i-Zone@RLCMENA will provide retailers with a platform to find that next innovation, while giving start-ups the opportunity to flaunt their wares to a room full of influential decision-makers in retail.

i-Zone@RLCMENA will showcase “technologies” of the future, and how they are transforming the way brands and retailers market, connect, and serve their customers in an immersive interactive demonstration. Delegates will get the opportunity to access, experience and witness innovations on how each leg of the shopping journey (Awareness, Shopper Consideration, Engagement, Service and Post Purchase Experience) is being transformed using the most recent advances in augmented reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, facial recognition, big data, robotics, CX, UX, and more.

Companies Must:

  • Be a forward-thinking, narrow-focused new technology solution
  • Not be owned by an established industry player
  • Have been founded in the last eight years

Benefits Include:

  • Two passes to RLC MENA 2018
  • An individual showcase space of 1m back-wall pod
  • Logo exposure as i-Zone@RLCMENA participant on pre-event promotional materials and onsite
  • Access to other exhibiting companies and networking opportunities

How to Enter:

We’re restricted to just 20 spots for disruptors and start-ups, so we want to ensure these are taken by the most innovative and exciting companies in the business. As such, for 2018 we are asking all disruptors interested to submit an entry, which will then be reviewed and selected by a combination of our global community of retailers and industry experts alongside the Retail Leaders Circle content team. Only the cutting edge will cut it.

Submissions are due by February 22, 2018


The cost of participating at the i-zone@RLCMENA, should you be successful at your commission, will be $500.

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