Turn Customers’ Needs into Business Opportunities

All successful companies must eventually answer the same basic question: How do you establish new growth strategies and business opportunities from within your organization?


Ready to drive innovation at your company? Want to discover unexpected opportunities in the marketplace and understand your customers at a deeper level?


The Design Thinking for Customer-Based Innovation Masterclass is a popular program for senior executives that will give you the skills to design new solutions that create value for your customer and your business. You will explore and understand the framework of Design Thinking, see it in action and learn how to practically find opportunities for new growth, craft offerings and revenue models to seize those opportunities, and launch your new strategy, venture or business successfully in the market.



Participants will gain knowledge and experience applying design thinking tools to their company and gain experience with the process of design thinking for customer focused innovation. After the master class, participants will have learned and experienced the design thinking process and developed new ideas for their business, and how to test them in practice.

What will you learn?

Learn about Design Thinking by applying the tools and methodologies.

How to discover opportunities for customer focused innovation.

How to create new growth for your business by understanding customer needs.

How to design innovative offerings, business models,and revenue models for new growth.


Senior executives, VPs, business unit managers, strategists, innovators, business developers, marketing and sales executives, and entrepreneurs who want to take their organization to the next level by applying modern design thinking and innovation practices.

Masterclass Outline

What is Design Thinking?


An introduction to design thinking as a methodology for innovation.

  • Design Thinking Process
  • Design Thinking Tools
  • Design Thinking Mindset
Finding Opportunities for Customer Focused Innovation


  • Understanding your customers
  • Empathy mapping
  • Customer experience/journey mapping
  • Finding opportunities for innovation
Innovation for New Growth


  • The Art of Opportunity Canvas
  • Applying design thinking principles to create new innovative offerings, business models and revenue models
  • Examples of human-centered innovations

Limited seating available

Early bird expires Feb. 22nd

Program Leaders

Dr. Marc Sniukas
Author of The Art of Opportunity
Global Managing Partner, Territory
Dr. Marc Sniukas works with global leadership teams on how to grow, renew, transform and evolve their organizations—in fresh ways. He’s passionate about designing, and supporting leaders and their teams in using, novel practices for crafting strategies, transforming organizations, and making them more entrepreneurial, innovative, agile, and responsive. Marc merges a unique expertise on strategy, innovation and business models with insights on execution, new ways of working, and organizational transformation to enable your organization deliver growth and renewal. Marc is a member of the founding team and global managing partner at Territory, a global management consultancy, and the author of The Art of Opportunity

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Eligibility for a New York Institute of Management Certificate. Delegates must meet two criteria to be eligible for a New York Institute of Management Certificate for this program:


  • 1. Satisfactory attendance – delegates must attend all sessions of the masterclass. Delegates who miss more than 2 hours of the masterclass sessions will not be eligible to sit the course assessment.
  • 2. Successful completion of the course assessment.

Limited seating available

Early bird expires Feb. 22nd