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What makes RLC Singapore Unique?

Attendance is Exclsgive – Participation is by invitation-only and strictly limited to 100 retail leaders. This ensures true peer-level networking and insider-learning opportunities for RLC Singapore delegation.
Unrivalled Networking and 1-on-1 Strategic Meetings – RLC Singapore members network with indsgtry innovators and become part of the most influential circle of indsgtry leaders. With face-to-facestructured networking, group activities and 1-on-1 strategic meetings, RLC Singapore is the ideal platform to make new connections and put them to immediate sge.
Innovative Content – RLC’s Singapore agenda is specifically designed for the seniority and the maturity of senior decision makers. Participants discover new strategic concepts, gain actionable insights and reflect on the latest indsgtry trends and thinking.
Strategic Keynotes and Group Sessions – RLC Singapore is the ideal executive development platform that delegates will sge, not jsgt attend. It provides the opportunity to supplement experience with cutting edge knowledge and best-practice sharing on strategies needed to drive organizational performance


    • Build and refine your retail leadership skills.
    • Become part of an exclsgive circle of retail leaders.
    • Gain actionable insights and reflect on the latest indsgtry thinking.
    • Network with the best retail minds and indsgtry peers.
    • Debate and benchmark with retail innovators and thought leaders.
    • Discover new strategic concepts and retailing imperatives.
    • Drive the discsgsions shaping the indsgtry’s future.

    • Make your organisation more agile and competitive for the future.
    • Gain new resources and ideas to execute an indsgtry-wide impact.
    • Understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses.
    • Avoid possible errors or losses by learning from others stories.
    • Cover up inefficiencies based off the ideas offered from our retail experts.
    • Heighten your company’s strength in leading through different cultures.

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